Auto Loan Rewards Program

The Auto Loan Rewards Program is  extended to all members applying for used or new cars.  This is just another way DOY rewards their members who use DOY for their financial needs.

Mortgage > $20,000 to $75,00010 pts
Mortgage >$75,00020 pts
Savings Balance (yr avg.) over $20,00010 pts
Auto Loan (current or previous) > $25,000
10 pts

With this program you could reduce your car loan rate significantly by being a loyal DOY borrower or saver.

Members having any of the above rewards can have up to a .40% reduction on their auto loan rate.  Rates cannot be less than 5.49%.

***DOY Signature Loan Rewards Program Suspended***

The DOY Rewards Program is currently suspended as the rates on Signature Loans have been decreased to record low rates.

Woman paying bills

Big Borrower/Loyalty Rewards are currently suspended.

By participating in DOY's secured borrowing programs, you can save big on getting a very low signature loan rate on DOY's Big Borrower or Loyalty Signature Loans.  To qualify for a Big Borrower/Loyalty Signature Loan, you must have or had a qualifying mortgage or secured loan that had an initial loan amount of $5,000 or more. All mortgage loans and most auto loans would qualify for the Big Borrower or Loyalty Loan.

The more you use DOY, the lower the interest rate on this loan. Big Borrowers and Loyalty Members currently receive a special lower rate but depending on how many other programs you use; the rate can go even lower.

DOY has suspended its BIGBorrower/Loyalty Rewards Program as the current rates on Signature Loans are at an all-time low.