Stardate 2020.12.01

"You expect me to wear this?"

Oh my!  I can’t believe the Big Guy has been so terribly irresponsible.  Do you realize the last entry was over a year ago?  I will again start this memo with current events and then insert “flash backs” to enter past relevant events.  Someone needs to explain to the Big Guy that there is a responsibility in keeping my memos current.  I guess we can blame it on the Chinese virus.  Speaking of the virus, why is everyone wearing a mask?  Every time a member enters the building, I think we are going to be robbed.  Also, they tried to get me to wear a mask and as you can see, it didn’t go very well.  I can’t wait until all this virus stuff is over.  How am I to know when a member is smiling at me?

"My boyfriend Ruger"
"Cleo never pays attention to me."

I thought I would dedicate this entry to introduce you to all my neighborhood friends by my real home. First, my oldest friend is my back neighbor, Ruger. He is bigger than me and has the tendency to bully me around. But as long as the Big Guy is around, I can hide between his legs. Ruger really is a big sweetheart who just does not appreciate his bigger size. To be honest, I think he has a crush on me. Also living with Ruger is Cleo the cat. This is the only cat I know who does not run away from me. In fact, sometimes she will even rub up against me. That really creeps me out.

"Me & Havoc sharing a stick"

Next door we have a new addition to the neighborhood. His name is Havoc and is a really playful puppy. Actually, he is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, with all the rain and mud, we don’t get to play too much. He is going to be a really big boy, maybe even bigger than Ruger.


"Me, Tuff, & Piper (hiding in the shed).""

But when you talk big, you should meet my across the street neighbors, Tuff and Piper.  Both are Great Danes who tower over me but are as gentle as pups.  I don’t get to visit them too often, but when I do visit, we have a good time.  Piper is the escape artist.  Occasionally, she finds a weak spot in the fencing and then makes an escape to our yard.  Of course, the weak spot is fixed and then Piper continues to look for a new opening. 

"Me & Tally"

Finally, here at DOY, our neighbors to the West of the building just got a new German Shepard pup, named Tally. She is only ten weeks old and does not know how to play yet.  She is constantly jumping on me and biting my face with very sharp claws and teeth.  As she gets older, I am sure she will be a fun playmate.  That's my report on my immediate neighborhood friends.  This does not include other neighborhood friends who occasionally stop by for a visit at DOY or at my home.  I’m sure glad this virus thing does not prevent me from visiting with my friends. 

Now the flash back! The big event occurred just before last year’s Thanksgiving. While taking me for a walk on a trail at COY Park in Greenford, the Big Guy slipped on some wet leaves and fell down a hill and broke his ankle. What then occurred will have to wait until my next memo since my current memo about my neighbors ran a bit long. But as a teaser, the Big Guy likened my actions to a Lassie episode where Timmy falls down a well. I have no idea what that means! Here is your thought for the day: May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions!