Stardate 2021.10.14

“Someday I will be able to chase real critters!”


Feel Better Soon!

It has been nearly a year since my last post! That’s right --- ONE YEAR! Part of the blame was my fault, but most of the blame goes to the “Big Guy.” First, I need to apologize to all my DOY friends who frequent DOY and have been asking about me. I had an accident while playing in my back yard. During the Fourth of July weekend, I ruptured a ligament in my hind knee. Sort of what you humans call a torn ACL. Since the injury was not life threatening, I had to wait until August 19, 2021, to have surgery. So, for six weeks I had to walk on three legs and limit all activity. This included going to work at DOY. During this time, the “Big Guy” had to carry me up steps and any place that required me to jump (car, couch, etc.). On August 19th I had the surgery and my confinement was even worse. No visits to DOY to see my friends or any visits to any of my neighbor dog friends. I was only allowed outside to do my business and had to be on a leash at all times. And to make matters worse, they shaved my entire leg. My leg looked like a big bald turkey leg. I refused to have my picture taken of my naked leg. Even without all my fur grown in, at least it’s not as ugly as when it was shaved to the muscles. Now, after several weeks, I can go down a few steps, go outside without a leash as long as I walk and don’t run. Everyday my leg is getting stronger, so by Christmas, I’m hoping to be able to run and chase squirrels again.

“Harper kept me company while I was recuperating.”

In my last post, I was going to tell you about the incident when the "Big Guy” broke his ankle while taking me for a walk.  To make a long story short, if it wasn’t for me, the “Big Guy” might still be trying to crawl out of the woods.  When the accident happened, we were about a quarter of a mile from the trail entrance.  The "Big Guy" phoned my human mom for help but since the park was closed, no vehicle could come to close to where we were.  So mom, called for me and I ran out of the woods to let her know where we were.  I of course led her back to the “Big Guy" who with the help of what they called crutches we slowly made our way back to the park entrance.  That is my “Lassie” rescue story as the “Big Guy” likes to call it.

Where I saved “the Big Guy”!

“Glad to be done with the mask.”

FYI:  With all this Chinese Virus stuff, I am no longer a certified therapy dog.  When the virus hit, all visits to the Children’s Hospital stopped.  When the program started up again, the kids had to stand behind a plexiglass barrier that prevented them from petting me.  Since my certification was due to renew that March and all the fun of being with the kids was taken away, we decided to let it lapse.  It sure was fun and rewarding while it lasted. 

Finally, DOY will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary.  The fun begins at the DOY offices from October 25th thru November 5th, and I’LL BE THERE!  I have been promised that I’m allowed to go back to work starting October 18th.  There is even a possibility I may be on TV.  WFMJ will be coming to interview me October 19th.   I’m already pictured in an upcoming feature article about DOY in the Catholic Exponent.  There will be refreshments and gifts for anyone who visits DOY during the celebration.  Plus, any member can enter a raffle consisting of ten (10) $50 cash prizes that will be placed into the member’s saving account.  Winners will be announced at the DOY Annual Meeting on November 7th.   And, any person who is eligible for membership can open a savings account.  Upon joining, $50 will automatically be placed in their new account.    This promotion will continue until December 31st.  I can’t wait to be back at work and see all my DOY friends again.  That is it for now.  Here is your thought for the day: “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.” (Winnie the Pooh)

"Happy Anniversary DOY!!"