Stardate 2018.04.15

Morgan playing in the snow in April
"April fools"

What’s going on? It’s April and there is snow. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow in April because I love to play in the snow. But, it doesn’t stay for long and then when it melts, the ground is all squishy. The Big Guy doesn’t let me roll in the mud, so I can’t play outside for too long. And when I do splash around and get all wet and dirty, I have to get hosed down. I make a fuss about getting a bath, but it really is not too bad, especially if the water is warm.

Harper and Morgan playing in the snow
"Fun during our February vacation"

This past February Harper, my step-sister’s dog daughter, visited us for three weeks. Boy did we get dirty on several occasions.

Morgan with a Valentine
"Is this necessary?"

Speaking of February, what’s with this Valentine’s Day? You would think, if everyone else got candy and/or treats, we would at least get a few heart shaped cookies. We did get a few butter cookies, but I get those all the time anyway. So what’s so special about V-day? And what’s with the big red hearts? We were made to take pictures with these plastic hearts and we could not even eat or tear them apart.

Harper with a Valentine
"Where's my plastic heart?"

March was really uneventful. When the Big Guy and Mom went on vacation, I got to stay with Harper. I get to play with her toys and get to sleep on a big bed with my step-sister. I’m not allowed to sleep on bed at home, but at night I sneak up on the couch and sprawl out. It really is quite comfortable. As much as love staying with Harper, going to the office and running around the DOY property is great fun. And sometimes we go to a nearby park and chase squirrels and geese.

Morgan with pig toy
"Is my pink piggy staring at me?"

Right around the beginning of April there was another holiday. What’s with the hiding of plastic eggs and letting someone else try to find them? Again, everyone gets candy and/or treats but Harper and I did not get any. However, I got a new toy! It’s a squishy, pink, grunting pig. I haven’t destroyed it yet, and I don’t think I will. The more I bite it, the more it grunts and it drives everyone crazy! Even when I bring it to DOY, it annoys everyone especially when I bite it real fast. I’m surprised it hasn’t been taken away from me yet. That’s about it for now. I am reaching my word limit. So until next time remember... “it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”