Stardate 2019.08.15

Although I was hoping this entry would have been earlier, at least this entry is not as delayed as my last memo. As mentioned in my last memo I will make current entries and then I will inject “flashbacks” to get caught up on events that occurred between my last 2018 memo and the 2019 spring memo.

Morgan sitting under a tree in spring
"Spring in bloom"

How about this past spring and early summer (rain, rain, rain and more rain)? I must admit the rain really brought a beautiful spring bloom; but the rain really cut back on my walks in the park. The Big Guy said it was too muddy. So what! I love the mud and the rain. But he has the keys to the truck so I have to go where he wants to go. I have a license on my collar. Does that mean I am allowed to drive? Anyway, a couple of interesting events happened these past few months.

Morgan swimming in the neighbors pool
"Swimming and retrieving in the neighbor's pool"

I FLUNKED!! That’s right, I flunked my recertification test to maintain my therapy dog certification. But I don’t think it was my fault. The scenario I flunked was where the Big Guy and I were to walk on one side of a line while another dog walked on the other side. The Big Guy had a loose leash on me which usually tells me I can go as far as the leash allows. It just so happens I love to play with other dogs and this one was a cute little spaniel. So being Miss Congeniality, I went over the line to say hello. Boy, you would have thought I committed murder. That was it, flunked. Of the sixteen scenarios I only had a few more to complete to get certified. If the Big Guy would have had a tighter leash, I probably would not have crossed the line. Maybe this fall, I will get another chance to take the test. I really do miss going to the children’s hospital and seeing all the kids and staff.

Morgan and Charlie sitting next to each other
"A visit from my friend Charlie"

At last, these past few weeks have brought good weather. Finally, I’ve been able to go to the parks and chase critters. Chipmunks and squirrels are my favorites to chase, but rabbits are also fun. I came nose to nose with a ground hog! I would have caught him if the Big Guy didn’t interrupt the encounter. Also, I was invited to swim in our neighbor’s pool. I just love to dive (belly flop) and retrieve tennis balls from the deep part of the pool. I don’t know which season I like better, winter (playing in the snow) or summer (swimming). No matter what the season, there is always something fun to do. By the way, just a reminder to any DOY members who have friendly dog companions, bring them with you. I will entertain them while you conduct your business. Here’s a shout out to Charlie, King, and George, just to name a few who have visited DOY recently. Come back soon!

Morgan taking a nap on a couch
Taking a nap after chasing critters"

FLASHBACK: Last fall I was nominated by the hospital staff to enter the Best Dog Contest for the children’s hospital. Voting was by staff and visitors. My charm and beauty got me into the final eight contestants. Then I made the final four. You wouldn’t believe the Big Guy. He was like one of those beauty pageant moms, telling everyone to vote for me. How embarrassing!! Unfortunately, I lost out to a prissy, fluffy, white Bichon named Bentley. Are Bichons even dogs? They look like one of my stuffed squeaky toys. Oh well, “C’est la vie.”

That’s it for now. Here’s your thought for today: “It’s a great day to have a great day (and cake).”