Stardate 2019.04.18

Can you believe it? My last entry was ages ago. I don’t know where to begin. There were all the holidays, my birthday, my vacation, my feature article, and the Best Dog Contest. Rather than rehash everything that has happened since my last entry, I will make current entries and I will inject “flashbacks” to get caught up.

Morgan & Harper playing together
"Vacationing with Harper"

From previous memos, you met my step-sister’s dog companion, Harper. Harper and I spent most of March together. First, I stayed at her place for nearly two weeks while the big guy and mom went on a vacation without me. Then she stayed at my place for ten days. It was great, especially when the big guy came home and took us to the park. Running around with Harper was so much fun. Harper loves to run in the puddles and mud. It drives the big guy crazy.

Harper laying down
"Miss Harper"

One day, the big guy and mom took Harper and me to a pet store to get baths. Was that an adventure! We had to take turns. It was really fun watching Harper get a bath. You would think (since she likes puddles so much) that taking a bath would be one of her favorite things to do. WRONG!!! The look on her face was priceless. It was even funnier when the big guy used some kind of blower to dry her off. If only we had taken pictures.

Morgan playing with toys
"Elvis has left the building"

Although it was great entertaining Harper, I must admit, I did miss going to the office. Running out to the lobby greeting members and showing off some of my toys is great fun. One of our members brought me a pink purse that had a squeaky credit card, a squeaky cell phone, and a squeaky bill fold. As you know, I have to destroy any toy that squeaks. I still have the purse but there is nothing inside now. This same member brought me a guitar (see picture). It had some squeakers inside that I removed, but mom sewed the rips so now I have a silent guitar. The big guy said I looked like Elvis, whoever that is.

Morgan and James in the Catholic Exponent
"The 'big guy' hogging the limelight"

FLASHBACK: In the October 18, 2018, issue of the Catholic Exponent, I was the featured article in the financial section of the paper. In fact, one of pictures they took of me made the front page. The article mentioned how I got started working at DOY and talked about my duties. Of course the big guy picked the picture of him and me to accompany this article. Personally, I like the one with just me carrying one of my favorite toys.

That’s it for now. If you see the big guy, tell him to be more responsible in writing my memos on time. If I only had thumbs. Here’s your thought for today: “Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.” – Charles Schulz (Snoopy’s dad)